1.You go to a police station to lodge a complaint about a missing/stolen car.

Is the above correct?

2. You go to a police station to make an entry about a missing/stolen car.

Which is the correct one?

Is it 'to lodge a complaint' or to 'make an entry' ?
How about 'file a report'?
Yes; or just 'to report a stolen car'.

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Thanks for the replies.

I reported to police about my stolen car.

I reported to the police about my stolen car.

Which one is correct? I am not sure whether to use the article 'the' here.

I know, for some strange reason, police is always plural. Army and navy are singular.
Hello Andrei

'I reported my stolen car to the police.'

Thanks MrPedantic

I just want to know why it is necessary to have the article.

Police have found the thieves. We don't say police has found the thieves.
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Public bodies like the army, the government and the police usually take "the".
You might see "police" without a definite article in newspapers' headlines.
But it is not grammatical. They do so just to economize the space.

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