During the last month, nearly all the news programmes in my country have widely spoken about the relationship between the newly divorced French President (Nikolas Sarkozi) and the former top model Carla Bruni (HERE is a link from the BBC news website).
  1. Does it happen also in your country? Is this coverage justified? (my personal, humble opinion: Who cares? It wouldn't be none of my business even if he were the president of my country!)
  2. Why do a politician's personal matters have such a great importance?
  3. Do love (or sex) relationships really affect the way a country is ruled? (I am especially thinking of the consequences of the Levinsky affair)
1) Not that I remeber of. I've justly started interesting in reading politic stuff. The reason you don't care, may be you are young.

2)Maybe personal matters are involved with who you are.

3) I think so. In my opinion, look at President Clinton, what if he'd had no affairs with Monica, might be, Al Gore had become a president, so there would very lightly have had no WAR. Or may be his influence could help his wife to be a Democratic presidental nominee. We all hate to see that Mr Clinton cannot hold his pant off. However, I think he is a great president because he did a lot of good things for the country, even though he has a character defective.

Not knowing much about the french president, except what you said. I guess he put his own interest first before his country,so he can have a good time instead of dealing with coutry's problems.
Interesting questions Tanit! I agree with you 100% when you say "who cares?". Everyday many things happen in the world, and often we don't know anything about those because journalists tend to give priority to silly love stories or inheritance issues (remember Pavarotti?). I respect very much Sarkozy but frankly who cares about the woman he loves?

Being myself from your same country I can't add more, but I'm curious to wait for other replies from other countries Emotion: wink
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1. In my country, it's quite possible. The jounalists are real sharks and the dirtier te info is the better for them. - That's why I hate such journalists.

2. That's because most of the people like to gossip and the higher the standing of the person is - the more interesting it is.

3. The polititian (especially the main person in the ountry) is supposed to be a kind of ideal.
If it were not for the press, it wouldn't have mattered much.
(I wouldn'r like my life discussed so I will never be a polititian)
1)In Romania, people pay no respect to the politicians, mainly because they fight all the time, offering delicious subjects of gossip to the journalists. The President causes most of the conflics because he wants to monopolize the leading of the country. As the press is involved in such matters, the personal business is left behind.

2)I take into consideration the family situation of the President because it reveals some important parts of his character and judgement: stability, love, honesty, warmth, caring or the opposite. How can you lead a country if you are not the best family leader?

3) All that love(sex) information about the President can do is to minimize his credibility . I really don't understand why the French President likes this public exposure so much. Perhaps he cannot dettach from personal issues, which is a serious sign of weakeness.

Thank you for the subject. The love affairs of French President are a priority for our press as well.

Warm regards,
I don't understand why people bother about famous people's personal life ?If a president have any personal relation with any person that is not people's look out .They should be bothered about his professional life and watch that as a president whether he is doing his/her duties or not.If he takes advantages of his position and exploit any one that's of couse different thing as Mr.Bill Clinton did with Monica.
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The Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen was divorced a couple of years ago and went lady hunting over the Internet. He had a brief affair with a woman, who wrote a book about their love affair. The book was a commercial disaster, selling only 2,900 copies initially. It sold 1,000 additional copies after a reduction in price. Mr Vanhanen sued his ex-girlfriend and the publisher of the book claiming she broke privacy laws. The prime minister demanded a nominal €1,000 in compensation from the publisher, but nothing from his ex. He probably realised it wouldn't be good publicity for him to want money from a poor woman, whose only fault was that she wanted to make money with a book no one was really interested in.
Vanhanen lost his case yesterday but he will take his case to an appeals court, which means there'll be no final solution for about a year, I think. Finns' opinions are divided on this matter. I haven't read the book and certainly won't read it unless someone pays me enough for that.Emotion: smile I know that there are no graphic descriptions of their sex life or anything similar. They say the book gives a rather understanding and compassionate view to Mr Vanhanen and his habits.
The whole thing may appear fairly tame to people in some countries where such kiss-and-tell memoirs are common. If Vanhanen hadn't sued her, the affair would be forgotten by now. I don't think the legal procedures will hurt Vanhanen's career but they won't improve it either. Most people say they understand a top politician should be entitled to some privacy but it is impossible to draw the line to everybody's satisfaction. Vanhanen himself had revealed some details of his private life to the press before the book was published, which weakens his position. I think he'll lose the final battle.