What is the most difficult part about learning English?
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For me, listening is the most difficult thing to absorb because my language is slower than English, so I can't always differentiate the words.
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I feel comfortable when it comes to writing, and speaking. However, I have difficulties following a native English speaker, as well as in pronounciation. I can't help the French accent, and pronouncing certains words in French, which generally confuses my English speaker interlocutors
We can read what others write and understand what others say, but the point is that we can not write and speak like others. It is said only quite a small amount of words are need in daily conversation. We all know these words but we dont know how to use them under specific situation. See, the only way left to us is to do more practice, no matter reading, writing, speaking....
Phrasal verbs drive me crazy. (Ah.... general English grammar, articles, idioms....they are all difficult!)

I think idioms sometimes ignore general grammatical rules! Very confusing to me.
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Well Candy,what can we do? You'll come across them in every reading material.The conversation itself brings them in, and the more you use them(correctly),the more friendly you conversation becomes. We can't just hit the road everytime we run into one them.
To me, pronunciation has always been a problem. I do know how to pronounce English sounds, I can write the phonetic transcription of every word I know with stresses and all. Yet, I will still sound like a "foreigner" to any native speaker of English. Rather than pronunciation, I would have chosen a different category; "accent" perhaps -if there had been such a category in the pulldown menu. Not regional accents, though.

I know I cannot possibly sound like a native speaker of English no matter how good my English may be or how hard I can try, as long as I live in a Spanish-speaking community. I think I need a veeeeeeery long holiday in England; say 10 or 20 years, to see if I can get the "accent". Yes, I'd definitely love that!

I'm doing a research about difficlties learning English and I need some documents or references about thid topic

thank you
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