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Cuz they are born and raised in Romania...but they are not romanians by blood.
They are not ROMANIANS. Please be informed next time when you state such a thing.
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I meet too many Romanians in my country, Greece, from spring till autumn each year.

They come either from Romania or they are Romanians living in Italy.

I would describe them as pleasant, kind, lively and religious.

What is really strange about them is that when they visit Greece, they talk to us in Romanian, as if it was natural.

Of course, this does not happen with younger Romanians, who speak English.

I did not know a single Romanian word, but now I understand in general what they are saying.

Kind regards from Greece and "Domnul ajută"! (I am not sure if the last is written correctly, I just hear it constantly)


Not all of us do this man.. for ex I'm Romanian but I live in uk.i see here lot of Finland guys stealing from shops.. that's mean you are a thief as well right ? Puta ...
I am living in ireland & i met few romania and 2 of them are my good friends, so generous and loving people
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I met one of them in France. She wasnt talkative so much, so I didnt find out many things from her. But she seems nice.

Why do you think Romanians are so mad at the Gypsy situation? They do the same stuff they too, they've just expanded territory. Romanians have the same feelings as you regarding gypsy beggars, but because of a BS name change they get to take the blame for a people with a culture and value that are extremely different than their own. Not gypsies are the same either, many lead an honey honest life. I hope one day you get the opportunity to travel and expand your horizons. Cheers!

Romania is like Hungary. Chandeliers in bathroom.

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Hi there! I live in a country which is neighbor to Romania, but I would like to admit, that I have not met them before.. but I think that they are good people as well as all others!