Did you meet Romanians abroad? Did you meet Romanians in their own country? I would like to know your opinion about us! Nowadays, we work a lot on our image...

Thank you very much!
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Hey Andiro, I've never been to Romania, and I know just a Romanian lady, who's very nice.

Anyway I'm curious about this sentence of yours:
Nowadays, we work a lot on our image
Would you like to tell us more about it?
Hi Francesca,

Thank you for writing. An answer from Italy is very precious because many Romanians live and work in your country, especially because of the better wages.

Why we work on our image? Mainly, because as part of the European Union, we want to do major changes and we want to send the right messages abroad so that our

relations with the foreign countries improve in all the areas. Many foreigners have developed great businesses in Romania, but we also want to focus on our SPIRIT, as our PR

agencies communicate THE FABULOUSPIRIT!

Yes, we are clever, warm, humourous and sensitive people! Yes, we have a beautiful country ! It's up to us to use Romania's resources in the most intelligent manners and,

with time, I'm sure we will get rid of our psychological barriers and succeed!!!
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I am norwegian. I have been in Romania a couple of times, and I have a very lovely friend there, a friendship that will last for life. When I was in Romania, I felt adopted by everyone, every step of the way. Warmth, beauty and temperament.
Emotion: smile))) I am so happy to read such beautiful things. Indeed, Romanians like foreign people and they want to become their friends.
Romania / beautiful country and wonderful people

Dr/ Marwan Hayel Abdulmoula
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In Romania , the foreigners forget that they live in a foreign country and feel at home , and I was in Romania and worked there about twelve wonderful years , I never felt like a foreigner, because the Romanian people most gracious and hospitable ,they make you feel at home , Romanians are talented and hardworking , they have a variety of talents and skills in almost all areas , but patience and perseverance is probably one of the most characteristic features Title: of the Romanian people . A distinctive feature of the Romanian people is the ability to understand another person without any problem , and any stranger can see and feel it , and they have national and social immunity sufficient to avoid discrimination issues , One of the main features of the Romanian people religiosity , Vision religion played an important role in shaping the nation as a whole, and Romanian identity , religious life in Romania is governed by the principle of freedom of religious belief principle stated in Article 29 of the Constitution , along with freedom of thought and opinion . Romania policy under the Constitution, Romania ONU state national sovereign, independent , unitary and indivisible . Form of government of the Romanian state semi Republic . State is organized according to the principle of separation and balance of powers - legislative, executive and judicial - in a constitutional democracy , after Romania s integration into the European --union--, Romania has initiated reforms including judicial reform , increased judicial cooperation with the other Member States and took strict measures against corruption. Romania has beautiful gifts of nature and enjoy all types of water facilities , rivers and streams, lakes , groundwater , seawater , in Romania species plants were identified and have been declared natural monuments and considered rare . Romania is a country full of colorful flowers breathtakingly beautiful, and I advise all foreigners to go to visit and invest in Romania and they will feel at home and safely , plus gaining peace of mind , health , happiness and money in European country In a state of law .
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I have never been to Romania but I see lots of them especially in the summertime. Hundreds of Romanians come to Finland to beg for money. They sit with a paper cup in their hands on the streets in Helsinki and set up illegal camps on the outskirts of the city. They also feature prominently in the crime statistics.

In my opinion, Romania and Bulgaria should never have been accepted as members of the European Union. If they weren't in the union, it would be easier to prevent the beggars from entering Finland.

Those guys who are begging are not romanians, are a ethnic group, nomades called gipsy who came from India hundreds of years ago.
When you will go to Romania you'll have the permission to discriminate! THOSE BEGGARS ARE NOT ROMANIAN! If you want to update your knowledge, research on Google because that is why it have been invented. Those beggars we call gypsies and they do not come from Romania. They come from India. How do you know they are Romanians huh? Have you been in Romania to meet Romanians? You are very " smart ". That's all I can say about your general knowledge.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was a Romanian engineer's project named Gheorghe Pānculescu ? I am pretty sure you didn't know that. Romanians are very smart. Due today I did not hear anything popular / smart things from your very " perfect " country, Finland. Did you know that prince Charles has houses in Transylvania, Romania ? Why? Because he knows how to appreciate the country and he is not looking down at the bad things about a country. THINK! HE IS A PRINCE. !!! IF Finland was so nice, why he did not come there to invest ?

Not all Romanians are the same. Are you very sure that your people in your country are perfect and there are no beggars, gypsies? You think Finland does not have beggars?

IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY GO AND EAT CHOCOLATE! I am Romanian and I am not a beggar/ gypsy. Are you a politician to say that Romania and Bulgaria should never have been accepted as members of E.U ? When I will see you on Tv ( which will never happen ) and other countries protesting, then I will say ok. Until the, please shut your mouth because you say only useless things. Emotion: smile
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