Yes, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is almost here.

This is the EnglishForums official discussion thread to do with everything and anything about the tournament in South Africa this year.

Who do you think will win the Cup?
Will their be any surprise teams or major upsets?
Which group do you think is the easiest / most difficult?

Who will be the best player?

Let us know!
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Great thread Emotion: smile

Let's have some nice discussions ! Well, I voted for Germany, cause it's my home country. But I it will be very suspenseful. I can't wait for the World Cup anymore xD

In my opinion there'll be a lot of suprises, I don't expect boring matches, everybody should play fair and I hope there won't be civil commotions or any hooligans.

Best player is a good question, actually I have no Idea.

Let's wait for other opinions Emotion: smile
I don't like football - But I'd like Spain to win! Emotion: big smile
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Me as well, I'm not the biggest football fan, but I want germany to win Emotion: smile Of course spain has a strong team, so there'll be a lot of matches with huge suspense.
I think Spain will win it. They looked very good during the 2008 Euro cup and i think they can win it this year.If Beckham is in the England squad then i hope we don't very far haha.....hate the guy. Should be a good world cup i think.
Seems like most people want brazil to win Emotion: big smile
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I'm really looking forward to this tournament. Of course the European championship is different than this, but that tournament two years ago was amazing. Almost the same feeling I had in 1998, with Zidane and Bergkamp. It still sends chills down my spine. If this one gets even close, the whole world would be in for a treat!
As a Dutchman I really want the Netherlands to win, but I have to be honest and say that they will likely go down in the knock-out phase as they always do. They try to change every year, but they will always think they're better than all the other teams. This is their greatest weakness. You could see that when they played Russia two years ago. 2 beautiful victories against France and Italy. But then they lost in the quarterfinals to Russia.
Of course it wasn't all because of us. Russia has a great team, but the entire world thought the Netherlands would win, which was probably what became their downfall. Anyway I think that either Spain or England is going to win the tournament. Their players are great. Most of the players are used to the way football is played in the big leagues.
As for surprises, the one I am hoping for is that Ivory Coast will make it out of the group phase together with Brazil. I don't like Portugal at all; Ronaldo is a wonderful player, yet I can't stand him. As for North Korea, they simply don't stand a chance in a group with those three.
The best player will, without a doubt, be Messi. However, I don't think he will belong to the best team. Argentina isn't as great as it used to be.
Whatever happens, it is surely going to be a great month for football fans around the world.
I agree with you Joeril, it will be great and fulfilled with huge suspense. Yes, the Netherlands have great players, I always wondered why they didn't won the cup, maybe you're right with their weakness.
I don't know how far germany will come. In my opinon everything can happen.They can be out in the first round, or they can come very far, referring to the 3rd place in 2006. I think Germany will pass the first round with the second place and then everything can happen!
I think this years tournament is going to be won by Spain or Argentina. As a football lover I have loads of respect for Spain. They play football the way it should be. Not like lots of teams in the modern game who just focus on preventing the opposition from scoring, with big strong and fast players whose only purpose is to stop the other team from playing football. Spain play the most beautiful football at the moment with a mouthwatering selection of players which inludes Xavi,Iniesta, Fabregas, Xabi Alonso. And that's only the midfield. Up front they've got 2 killers in David Villa and Fernando Torres. With a team like that you hardly need a defence.

I also think Argentina has got a good chance of winning the championship. And I only have one reason for thinking that: Lionel Messi. I just watched the Barca-Arsenal game and I'm an Arsenal fan so I'm disappointed but Messi is phenomenal. He ripped Arsenal's defence apart time and time again and I don't think there's anyone in the world who can stop him.

A team who I will think will surprise us is Ivory Coast. They've got quite a solid team with big and strong players. And compared to last world cup they've got more experience in their side now with not only Kolo Touré and Didier Drogba. But also Yaya Touré who has won everything there is to win with Barca and Salomon Kalou who plays in the best league of the world.

But as a dutchman I can only hope that the Dutch win the world cup. They were a bit unlucky at Euro 2008 but this year I hope they'll be even better as they were back then. If everyone is fit the Dutch have a championship worthy team with Van Persie, Robben , Sneijder, Van der Vaart but that's the big question, if they are fit. Except for Sneijder all our starplayers are very injury prone. And the chance we'll be missing one of them at world cup is big. Let's hope they stay fit!

But just remember: As finishing touch, God created the Dutch.

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