What does "pool our resources" mean in the following context?

"For my mother's 50th birthday, my brothers and my sister and I pooled our resources and got her something spectacular."

Doesn't it mean "go dutch" or "club together"?

Any help would be warmly appreciated,

Yes, sort of. Here it means put your money together for the purchase.
Thank you Mistre Micawber for your attention.

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Dear Mistre Micawber,

Are there any other identical phrases for the mentioned ones?


Well, 'go dutch' is not quite right for this sentence; it usually applies to people purchasing for themselves, I think. I am not familiar with 'club together'; perhaps it is BrE? A simple 'get together' would be sufficient. We also 'throw our money into a hat' or 'all chip in' to buy a gift.
That was a great help.

Thank you.

As I've understood "go dutch" refers to the situation in which some friends go to a store and everyone buys his/her thing and pay it himself/herself, right?


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That's the way it is in Japan. In the US, we often 'split the bill', which is to pay equal shares irrespective of what each person ordered.
Thank you Mistre Micawber for your time and concern.