Read the article in Today's Daily Mail and say what you think.
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What I think is that its an easy target, and I'm not sure I trust the source, although the Daily Mail is among the top 20 papers in world circulation, and Animals Asia is in fact an animal rights organization. The true story may be that teachers trapped and killed 6 RABID cats. Maybe the cats in cages were on their way to be tested for disease. I say it's an easy target because everybody wants to be upset about China's actions.

I'm reminded of the dangers of "Cat Juggling" as seen in "The Jerk".
Thanks for your reply, it's very valuable. I hope to read other reply too.
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Even rabid cats do not deserve to be beaten to death.
Noone deserves it!!!
poor cat . . :-(

are cats kill someone?

why they did like this !!
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If you find anything true in the Daily Mail it is usually unintentional.
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