Pop-rock pseudo- limericks

Roger Waters

What God wants God gets himself you said,
God’s music is like a pill to the mad,
Silent muse makes you roar,
Kate forgets that she’s a whore,
I see China, ballerinas, you on my bed.

Van Morrison

Sometimes you drink responsively,
Sometimes you sing balladly,
You sound as an alcoholic angel,
We’re safe, there is no danger,
You’re a Prozac pill in a Van Gogh gallery.

Dire Straits

I remember Romeo and Juliet,
The Sultans of Swing, listened during maths,
The Telegraph road whispered to girls,
Shivering at home in ’83 in furs,
Now we have Take That, Wet Wet Wet.

Tom Waits

Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, you,
A bottle of whisky is your tattoo,
Jersey Girl, around her saxophones,
Playing by themselves thrilling tones,
We wait for Tom. Tom waits for whom?

The Rolling Stones

Sensual stones roll over sensual road,
Manic grandpas dance madly in a boat,
You’re not just memories,
Like the Beatles, the Bee Gees,
You still hit the top, my fancy, the road.

Goran Bregovic

Bregovic smiles, a gipsy muse
Gently flies on him, amused,
His fans at Hollywood, Paris, Haga,
Music seems a sweet kiss, wine of Malaga,
Serbian blood, Croatian blood-cells confused.

Pink Floyd

The Wall built of sounds,
Safe heaven with bricks around,
Psychadelical poetry, pleasant fear,
Chinese girls scream wish you were here,
I would share with you this island I found.

If there is a message in all of them, I don't get it. Help me understand it, please.
It's just about my favourites as I see them.