What is the right position of still.

I was still feeling weak or I still was feeling weak.


More context:

After sometime I recuperated from the after effects of being in that dark room, but I still was feeling weak.

It is requested further to tell me what I can use in substitution of after effects in the above sentense.

I know the word aftermath but it is mostly used for war, earthquake and so forth.

feel free to change the whole sentense if it should be.

Thanks for your help and time in advance
I was still feeling weak.
I still was feeling weak.
I was feeling weak still.

All of the above are possible. The first is the usual placement.

After some time I recovered from the aftereffects of being in that dark room, but I was still feeling weak.-- 'Some time' is two words. 'Aftereffect' is one word. 'Aftermath' is wrong. You can use simply 'effects'. 'Recuperated' is used of long illnesses.
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thanks for your response
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