Hello there!

I'm wondering if anybody knows of some good post-CELTA training which would improve my skills? ESP, Business English etc, anything really that will keep me learning! There seems to be a big gap after the CELTA and I'd like to keep developing my skills, but am not yet experienced enough for a DELTA. Thanks!
You could look at specializing in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). More and more language schools are looking at using computer technology as an aid to the presentation, reinforcement and assessment of material to be learned. Being a qualified CALL teacher could only add to your résumé and increase your chances of getting better employment options. It’s worth looking into it!
Have you considered taking a DELTA? This could lead you into many different areas including teacher training, product development, more senior teaching roles? I suggest you research it and find out more for yourself. i did this and it really opened doors.