Sometimes even viewing a preview of one's post does not catch a typo, or a misspelling. It's happened to me today, on the new forum format. I clicked the 'edit' button on my post, almost immediately after it appeared on the thread, to correct a misspelled word. A window came up stating "Post edit permission expired." What is the expiration rule?
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Hi Davket,

At the moment the edit expiration time is 10 minutes.

Hey, Dave-- how about some advice from an old mistyper? Develop the 'preview' habit-- it doesn't always work, but it has saved me at least some embarrassment.

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Increased to 45 minutes now..
As I said in my post...I tried to edit the post [well] within two minutes of reading it on the thread. I also said that on that occasion yesterday I had, in fact, previewed my comment, but still hadn't caught the typo[a missing letter] until I saw it on the thread.
This is the message I just got now (like yesterday) trying to edit this very post within seconds of posting it:

Permission Expired: Post Edit Permission Expired
The administrator(s) have configured this forum to have a time limit for editing messages. If you still require a message to be edited, please check with a forum moderator.
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Actually, Hitch, do we need an expiry on editing? At the old place, I was still finding and fixing my typos days later.
Will this show up right?

No. It didn't. How do we make a link to another thread now that they have no numbers?
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