i was wondering why the moderaters lock some posts which are popular and not offending

example: Change one letter by Intelligent Freak in the section Puzzles, Riddles, and Word ESL games

And i have seen it before, so i was just wondering what reasons you have behind these things.
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Hey Floxflow!:)

..maybe it wasn't a mod the one who locked that thread, the last poster could have locked it by clicking in "Do not allow replies".
Pucca is totally right! It has happened so many times that one absent-minded member had clicked on "Do not allow replies"! Anyway the solution is very simple: send a mod or an admin a private message, and they will unlock them, if they were locked by accident Emotion: wink
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ok, i didn't know that, thank you!
You're welcome! I've just seen that the thread "Change one letter" has been unlocked ...all's well that ends wellEmotion: wink
I always wondered what that button does. Emotion: smile
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could a moderater unlock the thread : what are you listening to??

at Topic of the moment

I tried to contact the moderater, but no reply and no action..so i'll try this.

why is everyone IGNORING me??
Floxflowwhy is everyone IGNORING me??
Floxflow, have you tried PMing a mod or an admin?:)
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