why i cant ask a question? Am I been blocked here?
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What do you mean by asking a question? You can ask a question posting it, just the same way you've done now. Or what do you mean?
yeah, i did it but in the other way, intead of clicking the "ASK A QUESTION" link i just click the "HELP" link beside LOGOUT.. maybe the trouble is in my computer itself.. ok, I'll do it what you said.. Anyway, Thank you.
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What browser are you using?
When you move your mouse over that big button, a pop-up menu should show up. If this doesn't happen, try another browser and see if it works. Emotion: wink
Im using Firefox. but when i try to use other browser,it works. thanks Ruslana.. I thought i was blocked. LOL .you help me a lot. [A]
No probs! But do you mean it doesn't work in Firefox for you? It should. What version of Firefox do you have?
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Hi, Ruslana. I had a problem in posting, too.

1.Some of my posts appeared in a thread multiply. I clicked save button only once each time.

2.I previewed my post before loading to check its appearence on the thread then without any click on the save button they were posted.

Is there any solution?

I use Firefox 7.0.1.
Oops I've just noticed your post, kook j. Sorry for the delay. Do you still have those probs?
Thank you Ruslana.

Problem 1:

Yes, I still have. I've updated my Firefox to 8.0. The problem occurred again with it. My post appeared double in here:

http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/Unless/qmchh/post.htm (but one of them has already disappeared maybe been moderated.)

These problems have never occurred with IE.

Problem 2:

I've not previewd posts since then.
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