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Here is the translation. I guess, the charachter coding system is KOI-8 (the first word in the proper coding system looks like 'Po>|

?????????????? ???????

??????, ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ????????,
?? ? ?? ????? ?????.
? ???? ???????, ??? ??????? ??????????
???? ??? ?????.
??????, ??? ????-???????? ?????????,
??? ???, ?????,
? ??? ???????????? ?????
??? ???????.
??????, ??? ????????? ???????? ??? ????????
? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ?????????:
"??, ?????, ?? ???????? ??? ?????".
???? ? ??, ??? ?????? ?????? ????? ???????
? ????? ????????? ???? ??????.
?????? ????? ? ??, ??? ????????? -
???????, ?????? ???? ????!

Translation (c)Bubr, 2003

I think the translated text is more coherent and bright than the original. No wonder, many writers and poets famous in Russia were 'made' by the translators. And - I removed the word 'Postpostpostmodern' from the heading. Nothing can be more obsolete than a thing claimed to be supernew. Give a big hello to you Russian teacher!

Am I narcissistic and impolite enough to become a famous poet one day? I am trying hard!Emotion: smile
Spasibo doprogoi drug. Tebja ne dagonja. You are the greatest. Or at least the second greatest.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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Na zdorovie, pieter!

Don't make me guess about 'second greatest after whom'Emotion: smile) Were your Russian classes a part of obligatory school program or it was your free-will education? I know little about the influence of the Sovetskiy Soyuz on the countries like Romania and Hungary. I only know about Czechoslovakia and invasion of Russian tanks in 1968.

Starving black boy. His one-leg brother. Desert. Diana.
Yellowish-white flag. Russian tank. Dead people. Praga.

More than one hundred stores in ruins. Under them Arabs, gold watches, Jews.
Two eyes behind a barbed wire. Soldiers, yellow star. A silent blues.

Thin face, among poems my grandfather, me, candles in the night.
It feels good watching them. I am dead. They are still alive.
Pieter, that is a fantastic poem and I'm not the greatest lover of poetry in the world.
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Wow I understood every single world of the Russian poem. ABobe all after my thired ghlass of champaign whooho. Pieeter Neww uyeaar neaw poemmm! Marry a¡ Christmassssss
Thanks Chris.
Dear Bubr, I read your translation to my teacher, and he liked it. I had to explain the Carlsberg part, though, before I read it. Tks again. He used to be obsesed with Rusian at school in the "80s, but in eight years I had learned about 20 words. The schoolbooks were horrible, idiotic *** in it about arhitektor stroit dom . The books were written by Romanian teachers.
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My condolences about your unhappy acquaintance with Russian. However, if you still remember the words 'kuda' [k-oo-d-A] (where) and 'tuda' [t-oo-d-A] (there) and can learn one more word 'blin' (which is not only a dish but a childish swear word, also) here is a specific phonetically Russian joke for you:

- Please give me two tickets to Dublin...
- Kuda, blin?
- Tu-da-blin!
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