( To K.)

You should believe, dear, even if no- one says so,
That the Sun isn’t tired, though He never sleeps,
You should believe Enrique saying he’s your hero,
That blind beggar senses beauty when you meet.

You should believe love is all around, they say,
And ugly boys are dreaming with beautiful girls,
You should believe that His son was born this day.

And Carlsberg’s probably the best beer in the world.
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Sarcasm is probably one of the best things for Christmas, I like it. And the images are quite bright. I'll try to do it for you in Russian, if you still wish, just wait several days.
and Vodafone is a colourful Christmas word, Pieter.
It connects orange worlds to distressed minds.
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what Vodafone, Maj. Some weeks ago you didn't even know what an SMS is. And now you know obaout Orange, Vodafone and saxophone?:):)
And I still don't. Lol, Pieter. I am still reading instructions but I like to learn new things.
New things? How old are you, Maj?
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and you Pieter, How postmodern are you, dear?
Very. Too postmodern sometimes. A limerick of mine has been deleted.
Oh,oh too bad. Don't take it personally. You have so much talent, you are such a skilled poet! ah, I wish...
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