Some people think that the best way to solve the problem of poverty in many countries is to set up businesses and improve trade links with rich countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?

To many people, to reduce poverty in some countries, they have to initiate businesses and create trade connections with wealth nations. Personally, I agree with this statement due to numerous benefits from this way. Besides, other measures should be taken into consideration.

Initially, when cooperating with rich countries in trading, their products, landscapes, customs and culture will be introduced more through meetings and conferences. Therefore, more people will know about their countries and probably visit for their beautiful spots and landmarks in their hometown. Moreover, it is going to be easier for them to create nice relationship with others, and the other countries will help them by providing money or training their students for free. For example, in the past, because of the closeness between Vietnam and Cuba, Cubans were willing to supply weapons for Vietnamese to be against the enemies. Thanks to them, Vietnamese could protect their land from enemies and develop the country.

Nevertheless, several strategies must be considered to develop the poor countries. First, governments should focus on education’s quality more. Since students benefit from modern teaching methods and facilities, they will gain enough knowledge and skills to contribute to the gradual increase in economy and other fields in the future. Second, they have to try to solve some serious problems in their countries, especially the high crime rate by imposing stricter laws, so that the countries will be renowned as the safe places to travel. Therefore, tourism will rise. Finally, spending money on the strengths would be ideal for the residents to do. For instance, if they country has many seas, then they should effectively exploit the fish resources there.

Overall, I believe that businesses coordination with rich nation, along with other measures, will wane the poverty of one country.

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