I understand that power has to do with mindest, but I don't understand what does power means in such context, and as well can you please explain implementing?

Dweck's work shows that mindsets have a major influence on people's ability to learn. And that people who utilize this growth mindset tend to learn, grow and achieve more over time than people with a fixed. Growth mindset really creates a solid foundation for great learning. And because of its power, companies, sports teams, and schools from all over the world are implementing this into their culture.


The writer is trying to sell his self-help book. He will use any word he thinks will help him do that. People want to feel powerful, especially people whose powerlessness makes them easy targets for him and are therefore still reading, so he says "power". He means that his nostrum has a strong ability to make you learn.

You can't implement anything into anything. He sounds like he swallowed a thesaurus. He meant that they are building it into their culture, making it part of their culture.