Please let me know whether I could leave the word 'practice' in the following sentence as is if I were to follow UK English.

"However, we have not had to do this in our practice, as all defects have closed directly."

Thanks for your help in this regard

Elango P.P.

It's correct as is.


verb practise practice
noun practice practice

In the U.K. it's spelled with an "s" and in the U.S. with a "c."
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There is a difference between 'practice' & 'practise'.

In school we were taught to differentiate 'practise' from 'practice' as (s) for verb and (c) for noun, just like advise and advice.


1. I practise piano everyday. (s) because it is a verb

2. I can't see how your plan is going to work in practice. (c) because it is a noun.

I'm not native speaker and i would like to hear what others have to say about this, esp native speaker.

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Oh, I didn't realized it was spelled differently in BrE depending on its part of speech. Emotion: embarrassed
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