As a beginning , freedom refers to the state of being free. Freedom is a right for us as human been. Every one must have the ability to practice his/her freedom.

The point is what the freedom is; Is it doing whatever the one would like to do ?
In case of answering this question by No, some people may ask: is it a freedom if we can't do whatever we would like to do?!

On the other hand, if the answer is Yes, I would ask a question: does it (doing whatever the one would like to do) involve stealing, killing, hurting or insulting the others in any way ?! That maybe a freedom but in the jungle world! I believe that the freedom can't be like that.

It is common that when we think about the freedom, we think about freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts, freedom of transmission of the information or liberation of our countries and homes from the power of any enemy and so on. Actually, that is correct and right but there is one kind of freedom which is usually neglected. Living in peace our daily lives and being far from any problem and being safe either in our bodies or in our respect is a right for the free people.

It could comes to minds - that by what I have mentioned in last few lines - that there is no a complete freedom because many thoughts and opinions should be hidden inside the mind because it may hurts respect of others' thoughts; I would answer that by saying: that is completely not correct; everyone have the right to say whatever he/she would like to say but in a moderate way and method. By that, we would be practicing the real freedom and accomplishing that beautiful hope.
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I would say that there are a lot of freedoms! I would ask if freedom of mind involves lack of humanity? Or if the lack of freedom results in violence and criminal acts.

In fact i would like to ask if we lived in a real freedom practice world would we have the same values, would we make the same perception as we do today? Would we be inhuman, or on the other way around as more humans as we could be?

I believe in this last part.


The real freedom or absolute freedom is not feasble .There should be some rules otherwise few people will take the advantage and create chaos
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In todays freedom, i agree!

OK. Free!
It clealry givs us the meaning, God created human without any purpse, So you guys are now challenging God openly that we are free to make our life You behave like this" hey God just stay at church don't try to come out and interfere in our practical lives". . why are you guys so materialistic and so ignorant from your meserable end, You all have to die one day, don't you?. You do not come to this world of your own will and will not depart from the world of your own decision and you onsider yourself you can do whatever you want to do, sound like wasted of knowledge and lives.
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Yet there are happy agnostics and happy atheists, Salman; and there are even happy people in religions other than your own!
I agree, the reason is, muslims have gone down becaue of not following Islam, todays very few muslims pray five times a day, few practice sunnat(The way Prophet Mohammad(SAW) live). So it has been clearly mentioned in Qur'an" if you would not follow the commmand of Allah and wouldn't lead life in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad(SAW) you would be abused by other nations and lose true happiness.
They are being attracted to the systems of captilisim and modernisim, the system in which some people get happiness as you mention and some get poverty and hutrness when they see the life of modern people. Islam is not only a religion it's also a perfect political social & economic system in which everyone get peace becaue this system order the life of simplicity and equality. So if you come to my country and see the lives of real muslims, you would get to know they have true happniess and peaceful sleep in their lives, they lead a very simple life.

In last, our purpose(the purpse of remaining practising muslims) is not to get happiness in the life. Our real purpose is to spread Allah's messeges and bring back Islamic system through struggling and fighting against captalism and modernism
interesting, so, it is not about righteousness but about fighting, I see.
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