Help!!! I have been provisionally accepted onto a CELTA course staring next month, I have an interview on Thursday 21st April (in 2 days!) and I dont hink I know enough about grammar to pass the test. I do not know what material to buy in order to swot for the next two nights as I REALLY want to get onto this course. Can anybody either suggest reading material that will help me quickly, or give me an idea as to what they will ask and what I can expect or help or something? A fast reply to this will obviously save my life. Thanks guys.
You will probably be asked to give a short lesson. Learning Teaching by J Scrivener is a great help.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
I've just had a Celta pre-course interview, after which I was offered a place. The interviewer went through the language awareness task that I'd submitted and asked me how I would respond to a couple of questions that an efl student (beginner) might ask. One question I recall was, 'What is a daffodil?'. The grammar questions were basic and about tenses. What is present continuous and what is past simple. I was asked if I knew the difference between countable and uncountable nouns. I wouldn't worry too much about the grammar aspect. If it's your native language you'll know how to use it but probably don't know the terminology yet. That's one reason you're taking the course. I was also asked why I wanted to teach and what qualities did I think I had that would help to make me a good teacher. By the way, if you haven't decided on the venue of this particular course and you're based in the UK you might consider looking at the Brooklands College, Weybridge Celta. It's only £360 for the 4 weeks! Starts 20th June. Good luck with the interview. Let us know how it goes.
As part of the interview, you will be given some language awareness tasks. This is designed to help us assess your ability to analyse your own language. It is not a test of your knowledge of grammar rules. If you don't feel particularly confident, you might want to look at 'English Grammar in Use' (Murphy) or 'Learning Teaching (Scrivener) for the more practical side of teaching.