I am having a hard time distinguishing predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, and object of preposition. I need a couple good examples and good ways to determine if it is a Predicate nominative, predicate adjective, or object of prepoistion.

Mark K.
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Hi anonymous person,
I fail to see any rudeness here. All I see is a little humour and modesty.

Please note the person you are rebuking is a volunteer who has given his time to help hundreds if not thousands of people in this Forum.

Best wishes, Clive
Jerry is the winner. P. N.

Jerry is famous.  P.A.

Jerry is the famous winner. P.N.
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hey you just need to find th object
oh now i get it! here is my very own example:

In 1868, Moreno became president again. President is the predicate nominaitive.

------ u u ahah

happy thanksgiving
yes, but how do you find a predicate adjective? i need to know - i have a paper due tomorrow =]
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Look for an adjective after the linking verb-- that is probably it.
OOOOOOOO thx! :-)
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so a predicate adjective is something that describes the subject??
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