I've looked at a couple posts on here about Predicate Nouns, but I'm still in a dilemma.
What if there is a conjunction interrupting the sentence?

For example:

John faced embarrassment, ridicule, and torment, but he remained faithful to his morals.

Is "he" the predicate noun?
Or aren't there any predicate nouns in this sentence?

Thanks in advance.
What you have here is a sentence with two main clauses.
It has 2 subjects (John, he) and 2 verbs (faced, remained).
The 2 clauses are joined by the conjunction "but"
Here are examples of predicate nouns:
John is a manager.
The predicate noun is "manager".
Mary used to be our baby-sitter.
The predicate noun is "baby-sitter"
Thanks! That helps a lot!

I guess I was making it more complicated than need be.

Thanks again!