I understand that it is not common to use "prefer" in its present continous form:


How come? To me it sounds pretty good.

Example: He is preferring .... (no?)

Only He prefers ... will be correct?

No. I cannot think of a situation in which the continuus form sounds good.
What about: I'm still preferring the use of preferring although you prefer prefer?

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Not ridiculous, just a non-native giveaway.
I guess it should have been "How about" and not "What about".

Emotion: zip it
The problem wasn't with How about and what about. It is the use of "preferring". Some verbs in English will almost never be used in progressive tense by natives. "Prefer" is among these verbs.
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Thanks Dimsum.

I do understand the -ing issue when it comes to "prefer" etc.

I also think that there is a subtle (or not so subtle) difference between

"how about" and "what about".