'I don't have any preference on where we eat tonight'

Is there anything wrong with this sentece? A friend of mine has asked me if the sentence is correct and I dunno what to tell her. I'd have said: 'I have no preference as to where we eat tonight' But I'd like to know if hers is also a right option.

Bryan Garner, in Modern American Usage, recommends avoiding as to whenever a replacement can be found. I find it myself too stuffy.

preference as to where
is 3 times more frequent at Yahoo than
preference on where

I for myself would avoid as to and say:
I don't have any preference where to eat tonight. (most direct, perhaps confusing to some)
I don't have any preference on where to eat tonight.
I don't have any preference about where to eat tonight.
I believe 'preference as to where' is very much more common. I don't find a lot of reliable examples for 'preference on where'. But I wouldn't necessarily conclude that it's wrong.
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From the news:
The Seattle City Council yesterday decided not to express a preference
on where
Sound Transit's proposed light rail line should run on
Capitol Hill.

For a car owner who has no preference on where his car is taken - or
is not able to communicate at the scene - the car is generally taken
to the dealership.

Allan Sjodin, Dru's father, said he has no preference on where the
case is tried.
I see that I was editing while Marius Hancu was writing his last post. I readjusted my searches, and have revised my opinion. Comparing 'have a preference where' (179), 'have a preference as to where' (218), 'have a preference on where' (102), and 'have a preference about where' (41), produces no convincing argument for one over the other.
Furthermore, (just for fun)--

When 'where' is changed to 'what' or 'who'-- 'as to' still takes the lead.

When 'where' is changed to 'which'-- 'as to' leads, but with competition from 'about'.
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Let's not forget about
preference for where to
seems a worthy competitor out thereEmotion: smile