I just have one confusion of where to apply the negative prefixes life un,dis,non,a correctly.
We may have come across different fields where they are employed frequently, but, we don't know how to apply the correct negative prefixes.
So, can anyone help me out please.
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this stupid dictionary site thinks UNTHAW is a word

-- emphasis on stupid!

I agree that sometimes it's just best to drop it.

If anything I would say it is regressive since the affix is changing depending on the following phonemes. Ill try to figure it out and report back in a few minutes.
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[pr] where the word has another [nasal] feature, [p], , [v], [k], = NON (Non-Venerial)
[VOWELS], [kw], [pr], I.e Elsewhere = DIS (Dis-Affected)

UN distinction is semantic, not phonologically driven.

Also these prefixes were most likely separate words origionally and over time changed to the bound morpheme we know them as. I see that most of them are semantically driven but there is a distiction between NON and DIS as above from the data I saw.
Dear Califjim,

I'm an English teacher in Peru and I was just trying to find some information regarding Suffixes, and to be honest with you have shed some light upon that issue.

Thanks a lot

Google should be able to help you with suffixes. There are many!

Here's a good list: http://www.paulnoll.com/Books/Clear-English/English-suffixes-1.html

There are several pages of suffixes at that site.

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Hey! You have done a good work! Very interesting explanaation (although I do not know if practically useful)

i have no clue im trying to figure out the same thing so if u find out tell me and if i find out ill tell u! Emotion: smile

~cupcake Princess
There are some rules to help you remember. This chart always helps my students.

ir - used before r - irrelevant, irresponsible

il - used before l - illicit, illogical, illegal

im - used before p,b,m - imperfect, impossible, immoral,

in - used before all other letters - uncomfortable, unexceptable

un, non, and dis have no rules and require a little memorization
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please sir, can you tell me

what are the refrences that you

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