I just have one confusion of where to apply the negative prefixes life un,dis,non,a correctly.
We may have come across different fields where they are employed frequently, but, we don't know how to apply the correct negative prefixes.
So, can anyone help me out please.
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this is very informative

also very helpful

i am so much grateful

thank you
example of in un dis
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indispensible, unremitting, disentangle
Thank you for your answer. I am a EFL teacher and your explanation helped me a lot.

it is very useful, great work. thank you
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CalifJimAnd then we can face things, and deface things. Go figure. Go disfigure.
And you might have kneed someone, but then again you might have need of someone.

I'm sorryEmotion: shake I don‘t understand these two sentences ,would you please explain them in other words?

Thanks. I was looking for this exact information. Emotion: smile
well ; there is rules so for (un) is attached to adjectives to form opposit ex: able unable

(in) is attached to verbs ex: complete incomlete but (dis) i have no idéa about it Emotion: smile
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Hi Joanne,

Look carefully at unthaw on dictionary reference. Then look at thaw instead, you'll notice that they aren't saying unthaw is a word. If it was a word, it would offer a sound file for pronunciation and a definition. Also, look at the examples for unthaw, the word isn't in any of them.

You can say THAT to 'miss know it all'! Emotion: big smile

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