I just have one confusion of where to apply the negative prefixes life un,dis,non,a correctly.
We may have come across different fields where they are employed frequently, but, we don't know how to apply the correct negative prefixes.
So, can anyone help me out please.
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Hi Clive,
I appreciate your contribution to the prefixes very much.
This is my support for you against people (edited, please use more neutral language, for politeness) like Zdenek... and his comment on strict rules...
I have a doctoral degree in English and I would be very careful about using the word "rule" referring to English.
By the way, I heard a British linguist ( can ´t remember who it was) saying that a healthy native speaker can never make a mistake in his language. I agree with this. Observe, listen, report, and learn from native speakers...do not teach them how to use their own language!

Thanks for helping !

Daniela from Slovakia
Thanks but "in" is confusing me. You say before all other letters but the examples start with "un"
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