Please help me out here! I need to straight this out ... What does it mean and how am I going to solve it`?

Indentify (i.e name) and Analyze the following five phrases in terms of their phrase functions (for example determiner, head, premodifier, main verb etc). Note: Do not analyse phrases within phrases

Now! Here are the examples to analyse:

a. Just over the river

b. All the products in the catalogue

c. More effectively than any other group

d. Too difficult to use

e. The special needs of the elderly

f. Below the surface

Do you get any of this? How am I suppose to think?

How would you analyze them yourself, KickingCat? What are your thougths?
'the dog' for example would be determiner + head making up a noun phrase-that's the kind of analysis you need to do. Google 'tree diagrams' and read up on them.