Dear Friends,

CAT exam is an entrance test to get into top B-Schools in India. It is one of the toughest exam in the world.

I have one more year to finish my UnderGraduate and I have planned to work for two years before getting into MBA. Hence, I will be writing CAT after 3 years!

Since it is a very tough exam we got to prepare well for it. I have got ample amount to time and I would like to make better use of it.

Can anyone tell me how to prepare for it on the backdrop of having a lot to time.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi bvpraveen
I've written this years CAT and as per my view you have to concentrate more on the logical, Analytical,and mathematics of your twelfth and tenth syllabus is more sufficient for you and dont waste your time in doing those problems which are so easy to solve. Just solve the problems with the use of pen and paper and then make a practice of not donig them on paper but try to do them orally. If you have further doubts you can ask me.
I'm glad to hear from an MBA aspiring student in this forum.

Meanwhile, I have some questions:
Is the vocabulary section difficult?
How can we prepare for it?

Thanks for your help.
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The Vocab section is not so difficult when read with the roots of the words its so easy to understand and to remember them easily.
There is a site where is you can find the roots for the words and its usage.
Thanks for your information Vinod.

Meanwhile, I too fancy to learn new words from their roots. But, I suppose they aren't helping a lot. Ironically, I find a lot of words which has "deteriorated" from their actual root-meanings. Their root-meaning and the actual-meaning are just opposite to each other in some cases. Then what is the necessasity to learn them from the roots?

What do you think Vinod?
But there are many words where in the words and their meanings go hand-in-hand.
You can also try getting the meanings from the word as a whole, for example: Grouchy in this Grou-to grow and Chy- itchy as a whole it is irresistible itching.
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How to prepare for Group Discussion and Interview ?
Normally what topics they give for Group discussion ?

Leave out the Math, Vocab, Logical and Analytical sections.
Generally, what other areas I should get adept at ?

[ What I mean as "Areas" is day to day happenings in world, politics, Communication..... ]
To Metallicatony :

I assert that reading newspaper will be more than enough. I have heard others guiding me to learn few business magazines, so that you can get a taste of business and know about it.

For GD and PI, it's better to prepare among other CAT aspirants and your colleagues(if you are working; your superiors can help you a lot in these areas.)

Am I right, Vinod?

To Vinod:

There are lots of daily newsletters explaining about one word per day with its ethmology, meaning, example,etc. Eg. Webster, YourDictionary, to name a few.

Is it advisable to read those newsletters? (I read them for over two months! Although they are nice, I find it too difficult to remember them.)

Thanks Vinod.
Yes ofcourse it is necessary to read the newspapers for day today news and to get a pinch of knowledge on the business frount.
For GD and PI you can make use of the Editorials in some good newspapers like The Hindu( I read that for my GD topics).
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