well hello, seeing that you guyz r the ones moderating this forum .. im directing this to you .. as impatient i am i would b really glad if you could send me a fast reply .. u may notice that i have previously posted a message but it has not been answered to .. anywayz ill introduce myself again .. im 15 .. preparing for O levels .. i have already registered for the exams .. im doing a total of 5 subjects .. english is not a major problem for me but i cud use help .. as im aiming for a straight A. Seeing this site is helping a lot of people im hoping i recieve the same .. anywayz coming to the point i require a list of topics to emphasize on, during my O levels .. wud be thankful.
the impatient ONE
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Hi Nabz,
Welcome to the site and sorry that nobody has answered you yet. I am unable to help you because I don't know how the O level system works in England as I have never lived there. I am from New Zealand and we have a different education system.
By a list of topics do you mean for English or is it something else?
If someone else from England could help it would be appreciated.
thanx woodward .. well its a pity .. anywayz thanx for the effort .. well im talking about english .. i have downloaded the syllabus from the edexcel site but it didnt quite help .. it says that you shud b knowing basic stuff .. read with understanding and all that .. im sure i can cope up with that .. but i need the help in grammar .. im not sure im doing enough as i go to a private institute .. though she thinks im good .. i feel im lacking sumwhere bcuz i desperately need an A grade .. thanx again
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Hello!! Nabz

I have given O'levels(pvt) from cambridge board!!If u need any help ask me!!
Okz i'll give u the information about the paper:

You'll have essays,letter writting and a comprehension.
Paper consists of two parts essay writting and comprehension.
You'll have a choice between essay and a letter.If u choose essay part u'll have 5 options there u can write about anything u want.Then comes the comprehension there will be noooo choice and u have to attempt the comprehension!!!

It's very easy all u have to do is practice essays and comprehension.The lenght of an essay starts from 250 or 350 till 500 So there is nothing difficult about it.As i can see ur english is very good!!!
If u don't understand what i'm saying then ask me again and i'll try to expalin it.See ya and av fun!!:)
thankx a lot mystical .. that helped .. i have sum past papers .. n the thing i don understand is .. wen i was at skool .. they used to emphasize so much on grammar .. but these past papers have nuthing like that .. im not sure if i shud b doing grammar or not .. so im stuck
and thanx again
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Well grammar is something u' av to practice all the time coz without grammar everything is useless.It's the esstinal part of english!!

If u want more help in any area u can ask me!!Btw which other subjects r u giving!!
well im givin accounts, commerce, economics, english and maths .. im really fine wit comm and eco .. accounts and maths are givin me an headache .. english is 50 50 .. awrite .. cant stay rite now ill b back after 15 to 20 hrs .. phew!
Same here i was sick of these subjects!!Btw if u study Alevels economics u'll see how hard it is.
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