On August 15 of Chinese lunar calendar Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (The Moon Festival). This year it fell on September 28, which just passed.

"Oh! How I miss the mooncakes and pomeloes my parents usually packed for a picnic on the festival."

1. On first look, I thought it looked odd, that it should be "for the festival." But a festival is an occasion, so maybe there is nothing wrong here. what do you think?

2. Is this better?

"Oh! How I miss the mooncakes and pomeloes my parents used to prepare for picnics for the festival."
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You were right to question this sentence. "On the festival" is a prepositional phrase that modifies the noun "picnic." Ask yourself:

"When is the picnic?"

Answer: "The picnic is on the festival."

"Oh! How I miss the mooncakes and pomeloes my parents used to prepare for picnics on the festival," adds more information to the sentence. It states that you attend the festival periodically.

Hmm, mooncakes and pomeloes....
'Pomelos'. Sorry, that is all I have to add to this discussion.
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Alternate possibility: "to prepare for the festival picnics." Emotion: smile
You can use "festival" as a noun modifier of "picnics" if you want.
Thank you both.

1. usually packed for a picnic was replaced by used to prepare for picnics. it looks like the replacement is better, but is there anything wrong with the original? is picnics better than a picnic?

2. on the festival is obviously okay.

3. attend the festival periodically. how do you know it is periodically?
Unless there are many picnics held on the day of the festival, I think that it could be implied.

Thanks for the correction Mister. Now, if you could explain what a pomelo is....
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Peak season: August to November
Native to Thailand and Southeast Asia, pomelo is the Asian equivalent of grapefruit, but significantly larger in size. The green peel is aromatic.
(very easy to peel.)

1. still don't understand. "used to prepare for picnics" is better than "usually packed for a picnic?" What is the difference between these two?

2. "on the festival" is the same as "on the occasion?"

3. sorry, but I still don't understand why "used to prepare for picnics" implies attending picnics periodically. The festival only happens once a year.

I mistakenly picked up the word "prepare" from another post. You may certainly use your original "packed". Sorry! Emotion: smile
thanks, CalifJim. pack and prepare are all okay. What is the difference between a picnic and picnics, no?

referring to the original sentence, is there any difference between "on the festival" and "for the festival?"

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