Could anyone help me with the prepositions, which one is correct ..i am going to the wedding or i am going for the wedding.


Almost certainly you mean "I am going to the wedding". This means that you will be attending the wedding.

Please note that the word "I" is always capitalised. It is always wrong to write "i".


"I am going for the wedding" could be used when the wedding is the reason that you are visiting some place. For example:

A: Why are you going all that way to visit them?
B: I'm going for the wedding.

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Hello too finicky! You are not really too finicky; a more finicky person would correctly spell the word grammar, use "I" for the first person singular pronoun and not make so many punctuation errors.

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Oh, my bad. That's what mobile texting does to you, sometimes you're too lazy to press the caps lock button and "grammer" part was just a typo. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.