Please help me

I)"Excuse me. Do you know where the bus terminal is?"
"It is ___ the large police station."


2)opposed to

3)opposite with

4)opposite to

please explain to me why 1 is correct,how about 4,i think it

should have a preposition ''to'' after opposite

II)outside his house were playing two children on bicycles-->wrong

outside his house two children on biccles were playing-->right

Emotion: sad,I don't understand why i can't use inversion in this case

III)1)She went to Helsinki to polish her Finnish up-->wrong

--->the correct answer is:''She went to Helsinki to polish up her Finnish''

2)My father was always ordering about my sister --->wrong

---->the correct answer is:''My father was always ordering my sister about''

please tell me the rule,where should i put the subjects?

Thanks in advance
Hello, Green, I'll try Emotion: smile

1. "it is opposite the large police station": here "opposite" is a preposition ("in a position facing someone or something but on the other side")."Opposite to" is more related to "contrary to".

2. "Outside his house two children on bicycles were playing": it is the normal order, "outside his house" (complement)/ "2 chidren on bicycles" (S)/ "were playing"(verb). In the alternate sentence, the inversion V/S is not correct.

3. It is "to polish up something" (not "polish someting up"), BUT "to order someone around" (not to order around someone"). imagine that you send someone around (the house for example) with your orders, but you don't send your orders around the person.

Tell me whether I've helped? Emotion: tongue tied
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hello Pieanne,thankyou very much for your response:)

you've helped me to solve my problems,thankyou.

by the way: can you tell me more about inversion? for example: near my house lives an old man-->is this sentence correct? if it is,plz tell me why outside his house hasn't got inversion while near my house can have?

thanks in advance
Oh, Green, I'm not a specialist on inversions... Better wait till someone else reads your question, OK? Emotion: smile

I know inversions are possible in some cases, are needed in others, but I couldn't tell you about these 2 sentences... All I can say is that they're not frequent.
Emotion: smile,thankyou,Pieanne.Actually,I don't quite understand the using of inversion.especially in this case.Emotion: sad,
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