There are some sentences which I was given to filled in.
These are related to filling of prepsotion.Please check these ones.
Filled prepositions have been shown in CAPS.

1.We should all aim FOR excellence.
2.A Malaria badly shivers FROM cold.
3.He sold his car TO his friend FOR a paltry sum.
4.Don’t conceal the truth TO your lawyer.
5.We’ll walk TOWARDS home today.
6.We straight walked TO his room.
7.Don’t loiter AROUND the corridor.
8.Is that my brother coming TOWARDS us?
9.The beggar is standing UNDER the gate.
10.She came and sat BESIDE me.
11.I would like tour AROUND the world when I save up some money.
12.I was very angry OF my chauffeur’s audacity.
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There seem to be some typographical errors, EE, but apparently the following are wrong:

4, 7, 9, and 12.

Please try again.
2.A Malaria badly shivers FROM cold.

6.We straight walked TO his room.

These need a bit of work too.
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sorry guys,

It would be A Malaria patient badly shivers FROM cold.
Yes-- and are you going to show us your revisions for 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 12?
the 4th one wud be FROM as it is asking not to conceal


Don't loiter INSIDE the corridor.

12. I was angry AT my chauffer's audacity.

are these revisions right
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i think got the other ones also

2.WITH cold

9. BY(support) the gate


6.TOWARDS his room
Good morning, EE.

2 -- I'm still having trouble with this one; I wonder if there is not an article missing ('the cold'). If the 'the' were there, I find your first and second answers both OK ('from', 'with').

4 -- OK

6 -- OK but I think you have inverted the word order; it should be 'walked straight'.

7 -- Wrong. Try again.

9 -- 'By' is OK, but it does not imply 'support', it means 'next to'.

12 -- OK for me, but a BrE speaker may not like it.
hiiiii im doing research about the problems of using preposition among arab students please help me i need a research like my subject to do like it
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