Hello there!

I have some difficulties with the topic "Prepositional meaning". Up to now I know that in each preposition you can infer a certain meaning. My questions:

a) How many meanings for these prepositions can I find?

b) How can I identify a certain meaning in a preposition?

c) Can a preposition carry more than one meaning? and finally,

d) How can I differ from a meaning to other?

My head is burning with these and another questions, all related to Prepositions...

Waiting for answers as soon as possible,

Brazilian Hugs,

Felipe (Phill)

Yes, prepositions are not easy.

You are asking questions that would need long answers. It's best if you write some sentences using some prepositions. Then post them here, and we can help you with any errors.

Best wishes, Clive
a) and c) are essentially the same question.
Most prepositions have many meanings and uses.

b) and d) are essentially the same question.
You can determine which of various meanings applies to a given prepositions only by context. It is the other words used with the preposition that help you to understand the meaning of the preposition.

These ideas are not very different from those about prepositions in your own language, I'm sure.