Please combine each group of sentences below into one sentence that includes one or two prepositional phrases. You will have to add, delete, and rearrage words.

1. The slow loris protects itself well. Its habitat is Southeast Asia. It possesses a poisonous chemical.

2. To frighten predators, the loris exudes the chemical. The chemical comes from a gland. The gland is on the loris's upper arm.

3. The loris's chemical is highly toxic. THe chemical is not like a skunk's spray. Even small quantities of the chemical are toxic.

4. A tiny does can affect a human. The dose would get in the mouth. The human would be sent into shock.

5. Predators probably can sense the toxin. They detect it at a distance. They use their nasal organs.

THanks for replying!
MIA6, you need to give this a try first. Give us your suggested answers, and we will give you our comments. But we will not write them for you.
I am trying to solve them, but still is a pain. So please correct mine. Here they go:

For the first one, i really have no idea!

For the second one, my sentence is The loris exudes the chemical from a gland on the loris's upper arm to frighten predators.<I don't know if i put "on the ....arm" after "a gland", will people think that i didn't describe where the gland was, but describe where the chemical was -- on the loris's upper arm>

For the third one, my sentence is The loris's chemical is highly toxic, unlike a skunk's spray, as for small quantities of the chemical are toxic.

For the fourth one, my sentence is A tiny dose can affect a human by getting in the mouth to send the human into shock.

For the fifth one, my sentence is Predator probably can sense the toxin at a distance by using their nasal organs.