I have one problem, I must fill in prepositions and articles in a text, but i don't no which are necessary.


_1.__ media play__2.__ Important role__3.__ forming and supporting our view__4.__social reality. They influence the way we look__5.__ the world and our interpretation__6.___what happens__7.__it. Because of__8.__ potency of its visual images ,__9.___television can be__10.__ stronger influence than __11.___press.

I think in 1. = The

and 2. = an

but i don`t know the other solutions, i hope that anyone can help me, it is very important for me.

Thank you, Claudi
My try is like as follows, but I might be wrong. Please wait native speakers' opinions.

The media play an important role in forming and supporting our view of social reality. They influence the way we look at the world and our interpretation of what happens in it. Because of the potency of its visual images, the television can be of stronger influence than the press.

hey paco,

thank you for your answer!One question: is "to" in number7 necessary too?

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Hey paco,

thank you for your answer. One question: is "to" in number7 necessary too?

Yes, "to" is also possible for 7.

If I may, I think we are too quick to jump in to offer answers at times. Shouldn’t we allow the person to at least try to give it an effort first before we offer the answers. By jumping in to soon, we are actually doing the work and the person may not have learned anything.

By the way "to" is the proper answer for # 7.

That’s my 2 cents.
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Thanks for the two cents. I'll save them.

"what happens in the world" is used in 66,600 pages
"what happens to the world" is used in 13,000 pages.