Those lovely prepositions (and articles)! Emotion: crying

Does anyone know any good link or any other stuff about 'how to use prepostions correctly'? You know that in my language there are no preposition at all, so it's always quite difficult for me to use them right - usually I pick up wrong preposition!

Some examples:

Will I pour water
a) to the tank?
b) into the tank?

Do I take
a) jeans off?
b) ball out of the box?
c) ball out from the box?
d) ball off from the box?
e) ball away from the box? (like... "take it away!")

Am I
a) in the school?
b) at the school?

Here's a start anyway, Mr. V. And welcome to English Forums.



I will pour water into the tank.

I take jeans off, and balls out of the box.

I am at the school or in the school, depending on whether the school is considered a point location or a container.
You might find it useful to learn your prepositions in opposite pairs and possibly according to whether the relationship expressed involves motion or not (in vs. into):

in, out of in the box out of the house
into, out of into the building, out of the glass

on, off on the table, off the wall
onto, off of onto the platform, off of the sidewalk

above, below
on top of, under
up, down up the stairs, down the mountain

ahead of, behind
in front of, in back of

at, to, from

with, without

Note that 'into' means 'to in', and 'onto' means 'to on'! Emotion: smile

Julie went into the room. (Julie went to the inside of the room.)

Good luck!