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In the email conversation with our supplier of the ActiveX component from US, I need to express to the supplier the fact that we really need to have fixed one hot problem, which concerns one particular capability, which our customers really like . And it's impossible to release our software, without this having fixed....Please what is grammatically correct?

This capability is popular by our customers...or this capability is popular at our customers.

thanks and I apologize for that kind of question, but prepositions are maybe the only part of english, which I'll never get under my skin...Emotion: cryingEmotion: crying

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There's no rhyme or reason to a lot of our prepositions, and if I weren't a native speaker, I'd be just as confused as you.

The capability is popular WITH your customers. Emotion: smile
Since the communication is with someone in the U.S., I recommend using among in preference to amongst. Nevertheless, my personal preference is with.

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I hate to say it, but I suggest "amongst." Popular usage has made "amongst" and "among" interchangeable these days.

This capability is popular amongst our customers.

Some people would probably even use "with." Something else you might see is:

This capability is popular within our customer-base.
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Okay, many thx to all of you. I'll keep that in mind, thx.

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