What is the right way of using in,at and on
Referring to Prepositions of time:

AT - specific hour
e.g. I woke up at 7am.
We went home at midnight.

ON - specific day
e.g. I'll go to the bank on Friday.
There is a holiday on the 18th.
There are many people recovering from hangovers on New Year's day.

IN - month, year or season.
e.g. My birthday is in January (we use IN when we don't specify the date, just the month)
America was discovered in 1492.
It gets really hot here in Summer.
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"My birthday is in January". What happens when you specify the date?
what about when it comes to using these prepostions to specify a location?
For locations, ' at ' used for a small place in a larger area.

eg. I live ' at ' the D.R Park ' in ' Ipoh city.
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Wouldn't you use "at" to tell us your address?
Nope, just an exampleEmotion: smile. But the city I mentioned is actually where I am living ' in '.
i noticed that you have written "Prepositions of Time" can you tell me more about Prepositions of Manner if there is any.
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" With " is very commonly used I guess in terms of showing the manner.

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