please explain following in detail


1. aspirin: pp od x3d
2. aziwok: ac od x7d

what is the meaning of above example? it is written in the prescription.
also tell me where i can get a complete reeference book on medical things.



I'm not an expert. Here's what I've found:

pp od x3d = post prandium (= after meal), once a day for three days

(for pp see http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/PP )

ac od x7d = ante cibum (= before meal), once a day for seven days

(for ac see http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ac )

You can access some lists of abbreviations use in the medical field here:



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t chhello antibiotic,


1. aspirin p.p. o.d. x3d

pp/p.p. means – post parandium (Latin) ; After meal (English)

o.d./ OD means- Once daily

x3d – for three days

The patient has to take aspirin once daily , after meals for three days.
*The important thing which you have forgotten to mention here is : strength/dose of the drug
Example: aspirin 75mg/325mg

2. Aziwok: ac od x7d

Aziwok ( A brand name of an antibiotic, azithromycin). Put the brand name's first letter in capital letters. azithromycin is a generic name, so please keep it small letters.

a.c. – Ante cibos (plural) / Ante cibum (singular) ( latin) ; Before food (i.e., on empty stomach)*
o.d. / OD – once daily/daily once
x7d – for 7 days

The patient has to take medicine Aziwok capsule xxx mg on empty stomach/before food, once daily for 7 days.
*The Doctor also mentions strength/dose of Aziwok. Eg: Aziwok 500 mg a.c. o.d. x7d

Complete reference book on medical things:

American Association for Medical Transcription

Web: www.aamt.org


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Hi Sreesri,
sreesripp/p.p. means – post parandium (Latin)
It's post prandium (not "parandium"), as I wrote in my previous post.
Thank you sreesri sir. I am thankful to your answer and also for your reference material source.