Which is correct: " She is having a date." or "She has a date."?
Using have with continuous tense doesn't sound good always. You had batter use present tense if there a scheculed time or something like that or going to or will.
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She is on a date (right now).

She has a date on Saturday. (future)

She had a date on Saturday (past)

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MokiWhich is correct: " She is having a date." or "She has a date."?
Click here for a different definition of the word date.

If the date in your sentence is a type of fruit (as in the definition above), then both of your sentences are correct but have different meanings:

"She is having a date."

> She is eating a date.
"She has a date."

> She possesses a date.

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Dear yankee,
Thank you for your explanation.I wanted to say: "She is having a meeting with her boyfriend (now or tomorrow)" or "She has a meeting(a date) with her boyfriend(now or tomorrow)." Which is correct? She cannot possess that kind of date, can she?Emotion: smile
I repeat:

She is on a date with Frank right now.

She has a date with Frank this weekend.
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"Have" in relation to a date is not used with the present continuous because it doesn't refer to the action of going out with someone, it's an arrangement. We talk about going on a date when we want to refer to actually going out with someone. So this is not just a question of tense, it's also about using the correct verb to communicate what you mean.