1) He's more qualified than you, even though he's less experienced.
2) Being less experienced, he's more qualified than you.
3) He's more qualified than you, being more qualified.

3) is incorrect because present participle phrase should be fronted.

Reading your post, I have some questions.

I think it is an ambiguous sentence. There are some interpretations:
1) After I read your posts, I have some questions.
2) Before I read your posts, ----
3) When I am reading your posts, ----

I don't know how to replace an adverbial phrase with a participle clause in sentence 2). Would you help me with this? Thank you.

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Good lord, I'm Nonstandard! (Heck, I'm lucky it's a word at all)...

Nope, never seen it, Jim-- a good one, eh! I haven't been in Canada since about 1987. I was in Los Angeles before I came over here.

Add a link like this (but eliminate the spaces between the first and last characters and their respective enclosing brackets):


Normal Hyperlink
Blah = Blah

Hyperlink to a forum
10 = view forum 10

Hyperlink to a forum thread
2343 = view post 2343

Hyperlink to a forum user profile
hitchhiker = view user hitchhiker

PS: Sorry to highjack your thread, Pastel. We'll make it up to you somehow.
Thank you very much for thoughtful explanations and infomation of adding a link. I'm glad you have fun in this thread.

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