In the sentence below, isn't it more natural to say "from time to time they critically examine and influence..."? why do we need present perfect here?

Films quite often focus on journalism, and from time to time they have critically examined and influenced this profession.
I think the present perfect is more natural here. The idea is that films quite often engage in an activity, namely focusing on journalism. It is an on-going thing that films do. Having engaged in that activity over time, films have accomplished the following: they have examined and influenced journalism.

An analogy:

I build furniture [it's something I do], and I have constructed some very satisfying pieces.

If I said "I build furniture, and I construct some very satisfying pieces." would be to repeat myself and to not communicate "I have constructed some very satisfying pieces."
The present perfect more accurately expresses an act that began in the past, continues up to the present, and is likely to continue in the future. "From time to time" already expresses this, doesn't it?

Your suggested use of the present seems to ignore any action in the past. "They examine . . . " implies a fundamental truth. They do it today and always will.

Make sense?
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rv w and Ikia

are you native speakers? What you said make sense.

I am a native speaker of (United States) English.

I would add that both sentences are grammatically correct, but semantically different. The wording and structure make me think the intended meaning is:

1. Films engage in an activity: focusing on journalism.
2. Since films focus on journalism, it follows that from time to time they have critically examined and influenced it.
3. (I would expect examples of those examinations and influences to follow.)

Number 1 lays the groundwork for Number 2, and Number 2 lays the groundwork for Number 3. If the present tense rather than present perfect were used, I would expect Number 3 to be on-going examinations and influences, rather than completed ones.
thanks rvw for your valuable contribution.
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which is the the correct

she is growing taller everyday or she has grown taller everyday .
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(Both of your sentences are correct.)
we have already done something and do not repeat it now
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