What's the difference in meaning between the following sentences?

1. Millions of people watch the program every night.

2. Millions of people are watching the program every night.
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What does "spill through" mean? I have consulted several dictionaries, but cannot find an explanation.

1 a: to flow, run, or fall out, over, or off and become wasted, scattered, or lost <water spilling over the dam> b: to cause or allow something to spill 2: to spread profusely or beyond bounds <crowds spilled into the streets>
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"Spill through the cracks" is something like "slip through the cracks." If you spill liquid on an old floor with separations between the boards, as it flows over the cracks, some of it flows through the cracks.

If there were a tear in a piece of fabric, something might spill through; or if there were a fold, it might spill into the fold (warp).

People sometimes use the analogy of the fabric of the universe in trying to explain their theories about time and space. If you spilled through a tear in the fabric, you might find yourself in another time and place.