We use present simple with adverbials such as often always frequently etc.

She always helps the poor.
She always carries a book when she travels.
We always drive carefully.

I remember learning of the use of present progressive with always for actions that we do not like.

She is always interfering in my work.
This vehicle is always giving me trouble.
They are always calling us on weekends when we want to rest.

My question: Do we use present progressive even for actions that we like; that is,can we say "She is always helping the poor"?
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almahesa igo Hi .. I think you can't use present progressive for that action because its only use to bad habits / action . So you need to use the present simple for action that you like

We do use the present progressive for habitual actions that we like, and ones that we don't like. Our attitude makes no difference to the grammar! It doesn't know if we like it or not!

I love Martha. She is always helping me around the house whether I ask her to or not.
I don't like Martha. She is always gossiping and saying bad things about me.

Here are a few more I found online.

He is always watching over me.
He is always looking out for me.
She is always telling me that I inspire her.
She is always telling me that she loves me.
She's given me such great advice, and she is always teaching me.


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In my opinion, we can use an adverb "always" in the present progressive but to describe habits that we find irratating or annoying that happen very often.

Thank you and sorry if i'm wrong

EkayuliyanaaIn my opinion, we can use an adverb "always" in the present progressive but to describe habits that we find irritating or annoying that happen very often.

Correct. We can.

Note, however, that earlier in this thread this was incorrectly taken to mean that we cannot use the same construction to describe habits that we find pleasing.


Really? Why can we use present progressive for action that we like?
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Hi for my opinion also always can't to become present progressive because present progressive is used for action going on in the moment of speaking not only habbitual action we do

Thank you

Your question is 'Do we use present even for actions that we like, that is can wel'she is always helping the poor' and for me we cannot use 'always' in simple progressive bcause present progresive for actions do not like. Thanks !
Hello,I actually do not really understand the material you ask about the present simple equation with the present progressive.But in my opinion the present progressive is very often used by someone, like a habit. and present progressive can not be used for something we do not like.
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my opinion, it is usually "always" used to present simple. it can be used also in the present progressive but only for negative questions only.
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