I planned a question to grab grammar skill (present simple) , but it was answered such a strange way that is right generally ,on my opinion, but not in this case. Now I'd like to know your opinion.

Here's the question and sample response:

# What does Allison wear to work?

# She does wear suits.
PS: Already I know ( do, does ,did) used as a emphasis in such cases. But I'm not sure about conjugational "S" after does in this sample answer. Is it necessary with "does"?

Here's my intention:
1. suits
2. wears

Thanks in advance
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The structure is conjugated auxiliary verb + base form of main verb
eg I do wear suits.
eg She does wear suits.

Wear' here is the main verb. 'Suits' is a plural noun, not a verb here.

Thank you for swift reply, Clive

I know Wear' here is the main verb. 'Suits' is a plural noun, not a verb here.

Now, according to my intentions ( eliciting suits, wears) what should I do to consider point? generally it is correct but according to my intention it isn't. What should I do on your opinion? Emotion: thinking
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#1 What does Allison wear to work? (suits)
Possible correct answers:

She wears suits. ( Give full credit, because it is the most natural response)
She does wear suits. (Give half credit. Although it is grammatically possible, it is not the natural phrasing.)

#2 Does Allison wear suits to work?
Possible correct answers: (Full credit)
Yes, she does. (Full credit)
Yes she does wear suits. (Full credit)
She wears suits. (Half credit. Same reason as above.)

I don't really understand what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to find a question that forces the answer, 'She does wear suits' ?

CliveAre you trying to find a question that forces the answer, 'She does wear suits' ? No, the above question was mine and according to the lesson she/he must say "she wears suits". Now I know her answer is correct but not natural , I don't know how I can consider point for her answer so that It would be her right.
PS: Feel free to correct my post where ever you notice....... I 'd appreciate that.

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I agree with A-stars.

May I borrow this topic just for one question about present simple tense?

Anyway I saw sentence and I got a little confused.

When I'm talking english, I think in english, and I dream in english as much as I dream in finnish.

Here's my question. Why he didn't use When I talk english? Because he didn't speak english at that moment. I'd say When I talk english.
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Why checking? I'd say check.
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