I'm a bit stuck with the following:

"The sun rises at 5.02am tomorrow"

I'm torn between whether this is a general/scientific truth, a routine, a fact about the present, or a schedule/timetable.

If I was guessing I'd say general truth, but I'm really not sure?

I'm having the same problem with:

"One hundred or so trains run on the North Eastern railway line every week"

It would be easy to say this is a schedule/timetable as it's referring to a train, but is that fooling me and is this really a routine?

Thanks in advance!
Hi, it should be 5:02am. Not 5.02am.
I'm think the second one would be classed as a schedule/regularly occurring event, but the first one is more confusing.
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Anonymous"The sun rises at 5.02am tomorrow"
Present used as future. It is from older English when there was no future tense.
Anonymous"One hundred or so trains run on the North Eastern railway line every week"
General statement.
Just to clarify, the options I have for both of these are:
  1. A general or scientific truth
  2. A routine
  3. A newspaper headline or reported event
  4. A habit
  5. A fact about the present
  6. A schedule or regularly occurring or predictable event (such as a timetable)
  7. Information about a person’s ability
  8. A warning
  9. A threat
  10. A suggestion
  11. A promise
Thanks in advance!
I guess number one for both.
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Anonymous 5:02am (AmE). 5.02am (BrE).