If a question ask:

Would you like to be as clever as Leonardo da Vinci? Why or Why not?

The answer to the first Q would be:

Yes, I would/ No, I would not.

The answer to the 2nd Q would be:

This (is or was???) because I will know everything that I try.

Should I answer the 2nd question in present tense or past tense?
Plus does the 2nd answer make sense? Would any great teachers here correct it to make it more expressive? Thanks very very much for helping again, teachers! :"(
Hey! I'm not a teacher but I'll try to help you.

1. You can't say 'Yes, I would not'. It definitely doesn't work in English. Either you choose 'No, I would not' (or 'I wouldn't') or 'Yes, I would'.

2. I'm not sure if I got what you meant, but it could be something like this:

- "No, I would not. Because I would know everything without trying." or
- "No, I would not. Because I would know everything before trying."

In any case, that's your opinion and I don't think Leonardo da Vinci knew everything.
Altough he was brilliant, there's a great difference between knowledge and intelligence.
The question doesn't ask you if you'd like to have his knowledge, anyway.
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Many thanks for helping, buggah! ^o^